The Elevator Pitch is DEAD

Yes that is provocative  - I get it. There will be a slew of corporate marketers and sales chiefs that will say I am crazy, I don't get it, I just didn't work at it hard enough, she needs to REALLY work on her PITCH ..... ok fine. I HEAR you! 

I am intentionally provocative. Now that I have your attention. Here's the point: Innovation and disruption is exciting but also really confusing. Today's solutions have very complex channels for communication and engaging with consumers.  The leverage multiple platforms, multiple channels and points throughout the journey for connections, transactions and of course, loads of data collection. 

Given the rapid pace of change in the tech landscape and the breakneck pace consumers are shifting and changing, the elevator pitch seems like a far oversimplified, really non-informative way to share information.  We need to get under the hood so to speak to really understand what the solutions do, what the promise to deliver in terms of results and oh yes, let's not forget to add, we need to know if they actually work!  

All that said, the creating community, conversation and a platform is the best way to tell the story of today's innovations and the innovators behind them. 

Anne Marie StephenComment