Anne Marie did a terrific job!

Fall is BUSY - Check out these events!

Fall is shaping up to be another busy event season.  There is a lot happening and you should get in the groove and be a part of it


Hey! Use our Discount Code AMSCOMP

Hey! Use our Discount Code AMSCOMP


September 7-9, 2016 Fort Lauderdale 

Consumers are looking to engage on a more personalized one-to-one experience.  Engage will be getting in depth at this event on how retailers can make these connections with consumers. Anne Marie will be hosting a panel at this event with HSN, Perry Ellis and Dvelop - come check us out! 



September 26- 28 Dallas 

Great speakers will have sessions inside of the interactive open house. Event takes place at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center less than one mile from the convention center and the digital summit. Complimentary shuttle will be provided. Come see Garrett Boone, Founder Treehouse and Co-founder Container Store, Neiman Marcus Innovation, Gamestop Innovation, Sam's Club Loyalty Innovation and more!